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holiday parks with cottages in scotland?

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gypsymummy Sat 25-Jun-11 13:18:40

Hi ladies! we have never been to scotland and after browsing online I have a headache from the amount of info out there ! we have DS1 who is 5 and DS2 who is 3..any suggestions, recommendations as to a fun indoor +outdoor kid friendly holiday resort where we can hire a cottage or caravan? would really appreciate your advice and guidance! we only have one week and would love to see as much scenary and the boys to have as much fun as possible! thanks laides!

iambach Sat 25-Jun-11 23:51:38

You should join uk house swap site or green theme international!! Plenty of people in the highlands with kids (like me!!) who you can swap houses with for a week. They will tell you all the stuff you can do locally with the kids and if they have kids there will be toys etc and everything you need for your stay! Its the way to go in my opinion!

Alternatively if this isnt your cuppa tea there is Embo (Grannies heilan hame) which gets a good rep, nice place, lovely beach etc but typical caravan park (chav central) however the kids will love it which in my opinion is great as gives us a much needed break!
Or there is Gairloch also great and popular.
I also love Findhorn.
Loads of nice places depending what you are looking for/like to do.

Good luck finding somewhere.

gypsymummy Sun 26-Jun-11 09:06:48

thanks iambach for your advice and pointers! always best to hear form the people themselves!

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