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What to do in London for an afternoon - 2 old friends in their 30s....

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Inti Thu 16-Jun-11 11:58:27

Any ideas gratefully received!

cheesesandwich10 Thu 16-Jun-11 12:41:11

Depends what you're interested in really. South Kensington is home to Natural History Musuem, Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum which covers most things and particularly good if raining. There are loads of places to choose from to eat round there too. The V&A itself has a particularly good restaurant.

If nice walk up the South Bank from Waterloo to Hays wharf passing a number of interesting buildings and places to stop and eat, drink have coffee and cake on the way. The shops in the OXO centre are worth a look and the sculpture at Hays Galeria always makes me smile.

If you're looking for more modern excitement you'll have to wait for another post!

time4tea Sat 25-Jun-11 11:23:29

I'm a very enthusiastic Londoner, and cheesesandwich is spot on, absolutely right, V&A is a wonderful afternoon for anyone who likes lovely things (art, fashion, design, history, lovely cafe garden). on the South Bank, the Tate Modern is an obvious place to go, always something wonderful to see there. The seventh floor restaurant isn't derangedly pricey, and has amazing views over the river and St. Paul's Cathedral, the Milennium bridge etc.

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