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Bedruthan Steps - what are you supposed to do with small children during dinner?

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dirgeinvegas Mon 13-Jun-11 18:13:15

I have looked at the website and it says children over 8, during schools holidays can eat with their parents if they're on their best behaviour. My DC will not be anywhere near 8. Where are they supposed to go?

The place looks lovely but if mealtimes aren't for families then it's perhaps not for us.

Can anyone tell me how it works?

Kez100 Mon 13-Jun-11 21:22:13

They will just stay down the mine working until you've finished ;)

Only joking! I suspect there is an early tea for them and entertainment laid on while you are at dinner. It's the sort of thing BS is renowned for. Is there nothing on the website about it?

dirgeinvegas Tue 14-Jun-11 12:01:45

I cant see anything, I may just call them and ask.

It does mention elsewhere that if you have a baby they can stay because the hotel are good at family mealtimes (or something, crap paraphrasing sorry!).

I don't think my DD would go to any kind of entertainment without us and I don't want to go all that way and find that we have to either eat in shifts or go elsewhere all the time.

hollyround Wed 29-Jun-11 20:40:21

If you haven't booked already try Sands resort which is just down the road and I think is the sister hotel? We have been three years on the trot and are going back again, it is cheaper than BS. They offer several options for dinner; kids tea and then a fantastic baby listening service so you can have an adults only dinner; dinner at about 7pm with younger kids or dinner in a slightly different area of the restaurant with kids over 7. Can highly recommend!

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