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Trip to London - Hilton Edgware Road or Novotel Southwark?

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ptangyangkipperbang Sun 12-Jun-11 17:41:26

I just can't decide! Each year I take the children to London for a few days. We've stayed at the Hilton Edgware Road before and it was really nice. Also it was easy to get around from there.
I've also priced up the Novotel and the one at Southwark is a bit cheaper than the Hilton. I also wondered if it would be an advantage to be south of the river for a change.
The things we're planning to do are scattered around London - Borough Market (which seems to be on the doorstep of the Novotel), Camden, The Apple Store! and probably a show if we can get a kid's week booking.
Please help me make my mind up!

thenevernever Sun 12-Jun-11 23:49:47

No advantage to being south of the river. Stick with edgeware road.
Hope you have a lovely trip!

ptangyangkipperbang Mon 13-Jun-11 10:00:40

Thanks! I LOVE going to London. It's like Country Bumpkins visit the Big City but we have loads of fun!

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