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Kez100 Sun 12-Jun-11 17:05:26

Our holiday rail tickets were released last week so I tried to book on trainline but it said they couldn't reserve seats, so I aborted. We are a family of four travelling 5 hours, so we need reserved seats.

Later in the week I was advised raileasy were good, so I went through the booking process. It said the both trains (out and return) had seats which could be reserved and later in the booking process said FREE seat reservations available on both trains and asked me to give information on what seats we would like (I ticked table seat). I went through the whole booking system to then get an email confirmation from raileasy to say NO RESERVED SEATS! Either way. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I emailed their refund address (because phone calls are £1 a minute) and they emailed back to say, basically, it was the train companies fault and they obviously don't allow reservations (ignoring the fact their system said I could reserve).

I have been into my local station today (should have done it to book but they are 12 miles away!) and they tellme seats can be reserved on both trains and they are not full.

I shall never use raileasy website ever again.

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