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Centreparcs sherwood & Surrounding areas- anyone local?

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DreamingOfABump Sun 12-Jun-11 11:20:33

Hi all
We're going on monday ( so no bad stories of how crap it was please!)
Just wondering if there is anywhere off site but nearby where i can take the dog to blow off some steam??
Thanks x

MovingAndScared Sun 12-Jun-11 11:37:03

next door is sherwood pines -lovely mountains bike trails too I would assume you can have a dog off the lead there - we loved centreparc sherwood when we went -the swimming pool was a little tired but lots of fun

clottedcream Mon 13-Jun-11 13:15:50

rufford park is across the road - lovely play area, with sand pit, fab cafe and resturant, lovely maze, £3 car park fee thats all

VivaLeBeaver Mon 13-Jun-11 13:17:48

Clumber Park is a national Trust place just up the road if you're a memmber. Thats nice as well.

clottedcream Tue 14-Jun-11 09:11:23

or there's White Post Farm or Wonderland I think its called

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