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Network railcard vs. Family & Friends railcard

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PasstheTwiglets Sat 04-Jun-11 14:14:50

I@m trying to compare the two but it's doing my head in. They cost the same price and save the same amount of money but I can't work out which is best. Only the Network Railcard lets you travel without children, is that right? Does anybody know if they are valid on the same trains?

iskra Sat 04-Jun-11 23:02:07

The Family & Friends Railcard is valid on all trains, apart from peak services in the south-east.

iskra Sat 04-Jun-11 23:06:57

I hadn't heard of the Network Railcard before reading your post so just googled it. The key difference that I can see is that the NR is only valid on trains in the south-east, so you can't go any further north than Bedford. It seems to have similar peak time restrictions.

The F&F railcard is valid on all journeys in the UK apart from first class bookings & peak times in the south east.

It does look like you can use the NR by yourself, I couldn't find anything about minimum group. The F&F has to be one adult & one child, I think.

PasstheTwiglets Sun 05-Jun-11 06:41:44

Thank you iskra, that's great! I Googled it too but couldn't make head nor tail of it smile

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