Alfriston - is it nice?

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indiechick Sat 21-May-11 16:26:35

Is it okay to take children to the pubs? What's the beach like? Is it sandy?

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indiechick Sat 21-May-11 19:49:57


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enidroach Sat 21-May-11 20:12:17

Where do you mean - Alfriston (village) in East Sussex or somewhere else?

bibbitybobbityhat Sat 21-May-11 20:18:48

I have been to Alfriston once and stayed at the Youth Hostel (!) as a base for a walking weekend with a group of mum friends.

We walked the seven sisters walk over the cliffs and ended up doing 20+ miles over the South Downs.

The only beach I saw was a stony one.

The village seemed pretty and we had a really nice meal on the Saturday evening in a gastro pub but afraid I can't remember the name of it.

We are going back this year (dh and the dc and I) - with a different group of people - camping! I am looking forward to it.

Bumperlicioso Sat 21-May-11 20:20:46

It's a sign of the times that I initially thought this was a baby names thread!

Spidermama Sat 21-May-11 20:24:54

I had a really bad experience there when I took the kids one day.

We'd been for a country walk and wanted to have lunch in a pub. I just remember being struck by how hostile the locals seemed. I know that sounds mad and apologies if you are from Alfriston.

It was like in American Warewolf in London when those American tourists stray into a pub and there's silence, everyone stares and a man with one eye bigger than the others says, suspiciously, 'You're not from round 'ere are you?'

It wasn't just the one pub either. We tried a few.

All a bit Royston Vasey for my liking.

bibbitybobbityhat Sat 21-May-11 21:51:28

Ooh, yes, that's a bit spooky Spidermama.

Spidermama Sun 22-May-11 09:21:57

Nearest sandy beach is probably at West Wittering which is busy but fab. Or maybe Littlehampton is nearer.

indiechick Sun 22-May-11 16:24:39

Thank you everyone. Bit unsure now, we're staying there for a couple of days over the half term, hope it's not too Royston Vasey.
Ha ha at thinking it's a name thread. Maybe Alfie for short?!

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TeamLemon Sun 22-May-11 16:29:10

Drusilla's Zoo park is good for a day out, but a but pricey. If you do go, go early and take the whole day. Insist the DC look arond the animals first - if you don't you'll never get them away from the very good play areas and Thomas train ride!

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