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maggie75 Tue 17-May-11 22:13:26

Hi all

A group of friends and our kids all want to go away for a weekend next march. The group includes babies, toddlers, grown ups and also one of our friends who has MS and is in a wheelchair. Location - ideally up to a few hours from the West Midlands max.

She has been to Center Pacrs before, but would like to try somewhere different - but we are struggling to find accomodation that suits. We would be a pretty big group (15-20 adults, 6/7 kids - oldest would be 5 years), but only one cottage needs the disabled access etc. Our friend says that a stumbling block is often the bathrooms - she needs industry spec bathroom - raised loo, arm rests on both sides etc. Has anyone got any recomendations? All/any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Ive X posted in special needs - recommendations.

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