Yorkshire Dales or Southwest Wales - which one has greater 'wow' factor??

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StataLove Tue 03-May-11 09:30:17

Advice needed please! We're booking a cottage with friends and have found suitable places - one in the Yorkshire Dales and one in Wales just outside Pembrokeshire Coastal Park.

Our friends are coming from abroad and have never travelled in the UK. They love nature and hiking (although have small children including baby so probably won't do much). We're hoping to wow them with the scenery. Which one would you go for???


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greygirl Tue 03-May-11 12:00:11

i think the question is: do you want them to see the sea? the beaches in the uk are very different to foreign beaches, and therefore are probably more interesting, but the yorkshire dales is full of quaint villages and gorgeous hills - sorry i can't decide for you, but do you want to see the sea?

StataLove Tue 03-May-11 12:08:29

good point! will run past friends tonight and see what they think...

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