Static caravan North Wales Caernarfon/Snowdon

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kateecass Wed 27-Apr-11 20:40:38

Can anyone recommend nice caravan park around Caernarfon/Snowdon? Want to visit Caernarfon Castle, Snowdon.

Ideally near the beach, indoor pool, kids playground.


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kateecass Mon 02-May-11 14:39:58


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greygirl Tue 03-May-11 11:55:07

not sure exactly but you could try abersoch -there's lots of parks round there, and also round by harlech/porthmadoc there are some nice caravan parks by the beach.

shell island is nice to camp on, but i don't know about caravans.
sorry can't be more helpful.

kateecass Tue 03-May-11 15:02:57

Thanks GreyGirl am looking at Bryn Gloch near Caernarfon but it has no swimming pool and still £55 per night, but will look at Abersoch again.

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serin Mon 09-May-11 20:46:06

Hafan y Mor is a haven site with swimming pool complex and beach close by.

Ogwen Bank is smaller and in Snowdonia, so further away from the beaches but it has glorious scenery and a lovely river setting.

Greenacres at Porthmadoc (another haven site)

Best by far is the warren at Abersoch but I think you have to rent the chalets from owners directly?

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