Give me your top tip for child friendly long weekend

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Mum1369 Mon 25-Apr-11 20:16:04

Need to escape the Royal wedding!! Long weekend - preferably with pool / activities or something for the kids to do 2 & 5

All suggestions grateful !!!!!

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Mum1369 Mon 25-Apr-11 20:37:04

what ? no-one ?!

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angel1976 Mon 25-Apr-11 21:25:47

We just did Southampton. Have no idea how far it is for you (though it sounds like you are in London?).

We went to Horton Park Children's Farm in Surrey as it was on our way there (from SE London). Good little farm, we are regulars to Godstone Farm (nearer to us) and this is their 'sister' farm and I thought it was a good way for the young ones to spend quite a few hours (we were there for 5-6 hours!), good little soft play barn, lots of lovely outdoor playgrounds and feeding the animals - lots of chicks, bunnies, baby goats, lambs etc.

Southampton, we went to Paultons Park where Peppa Pig's World is. My DCs (3.2 and 18 months old) loved it! It was very, very busy (one of the employees told us that PPW has doubled the number of people coming to Paultons over Easter alone) but we got there at opening time (pre-booked tickets online, no queue to get in!). PPW is very well done but it is very busy and long queues for the rides. We did manage a few rides in the end. Very good for the pre-schoolers as even my DS2 who is 18 months can do most of the rides and enjoyed them. There's also a lovely splash park in PPW itself though we found a much larger one in Paultons itself later on so perfect for water-loving kiddies! We spent quite a few hours there and then left for lunch outside of PPW and we did nip back for a few more rides before heading to explore the rest of the park. Thought it was very, very good actually. My DS1 got to go on lots of rides and loved them all. We stayed till closing time, it was that good.

The next day, we went to Marwell Wildlife Park (just outside Southampton and on the way back to London). Again, wasn't expecting much and very pleasantly surprised. A very nice wildlife park that was big enough but not too big you got lost. There's also a free land train that goes round if you get tired with two LOs. Little playgrounds dotted around and cafes etc. We also stayed for penguin feeding at 3pm, which was quite sweet. Spent about 5 hours there before heading back to London.

In Southampton, we stayed at Jurys Inn, paid £60 a night for a family room with free breakfast and the room was dated but spacious and the brekkie was very good. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend!

surfitlive Tue 26-Apr-11 07:10:48

We go to Cornwall with the girls, Coombe Mill. Usually go for a week, but they do four day breaks too if they have space. Worth ringing up and finding out - couldnt think of anywhere better to escape to!!

surfitlive Tue 26-Apr-11 07:11:50 is the website if you want to check it out

Mum1369 Wed 27-Apr-11 19:54:24

Thanks - that's brilliant - was going to book up PPW in the summer and wondering if anyone had been yet - so fab !
Also - booked Cornwall in the end - the one on mumsnet recommendations near Bude - will let you know how I get on

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