A night away - where?

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PickleFish Tue 12-Apr-11 16:29:12

I have the opportunity for a couple of days next week (Sun/Mon) to go away somewhere (alone). I've just passed my driving test and am trying to work up to slightly longer drives, so it might be a chance to do a couple of hours in one go. I'm in East Anglia. I like to take photos, so somewhere with nice scenery. Maybe Suffolk or Norfolk coasts? York? Lincolnshire? South somewhere? (Not hugely keen on motorways yet, but some of them are OK). I've done places that I can get to easily in a day (Stamford, Lavenham, Ely, Cambridge, Norwich) but want somewhere that I can make most use of this opportunity to stay overnight. Might even be able to go Saturday afternoon, and have all day Sunday somewhere. Any ideas?

Suggestions of a B&B would be good that wouldn't be too expensive (for a single room, especially), and perhaps places that are OK for eating alone (pubs always seem a bit awkward to me to go into by myself).

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