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can anyone recommend any of the Haven holiday parks?

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Gingerbics Thu 07-Apr-11 08:23:42

We'll be travelling from Reading so probably easiest will be Dorset or Essex but willing to travel further if needed.

Have got 3.5yr old and 7month old.


Feenie Thu 07-Apr-11 08:27:03

I can recommend not going to Craig Tara in Scotland.

It's further than you wanted anyway, but I don't think I can post too often about how awful it was <shudder>

0891 Thu 07-Apr-11 08:32:21

also a bit further, but my sister always raves about Devon Cliffs. She has a much higher tolerance level than me for noise and mess however.

BiscuitNibbler Thu 07-Apr-11 09:00:37

Wild Duck in Norfolk is nice. Bit of a trek for you though.

onadietcokebreak Thu 07-Apr-11 21:41:17

Devon Cliffs. The facilties are excellent.

nethunsreject Thu 07-Apr-11 21:42:20

I was going to say avoid Ayr, but Feenie has beat me to it.

Grim as hell.

K999 Thu 07-Apr-11 21:43:36

Haven = hell IMO

mrsdenman Thu 07-Apr-11 21:44:40

We liked Caister (Great Yarmouth). Avoid Clacton!

glitterkitty Thu 07-Apr-11 21:44:46

No, sorry OP. They are all shit.

K999 Thu 07-Apr-11 21:49:30

I think it stands for

Not kidding

Frimblypoo Thu 07-Apr-11 21:57:37

yup, avoid clacton!

flyinstar Thu 07-Apr-11 22:01:41

i think rockly park in poole,dorset is a haven,fab facilities,fab location.

DelGirl Thu 07-Apr-11 22:02:29

well imvho, I think Church Farm in West Sussex is fine. However, I have never been in a school holiday so can't account for that.

mummymeister Sun 10-Apr-11 17:44:51

Tried it once and didnt like it sorry! Much nicer places to go where there are good kids facilities and swimming pool etc. Not only what you spend to stay there but what you spend when you are there makes them not quite the cheap holiday they first look like. Don't make the mistake of going in school hols unless you have to.

meeliesmum Mon 11-Apr-11 20:26:34

littlesea in Weymouth is okay,we are going back this year. BUT you do need to leave the park daily.Loads of family friendly activities in and around Weymouth.

mycatoscar Tue 12-Apr-11 08:03:34

we have been to seashore in great yarmouth and rockley park in dorset. Both were good.

I think when going on that type of holiday you have to have realistic expectations. Oh, and I recommend renting a privately owned caravan if poss, you get a nicer van for less money in a lot of cases.

Feenie Tue 12-Apr-11 08:11:39

Realistic expectations.... yes, I see what you mean - if I had expected fag ends, broken glass and dog shit literally everywhere, rude surly staff who refused to clean up vomit on site and left it for the seagulls to eat <boak> and human excrement in the swimming changing rooms, then I would have had a better holiday? grin

sandyballs Tue 12-Apr-11 08:14:38

Church farm in Chichester, one of the best ones. Clean and not too chavtastic

monstermissy Tue 12-Apr-11 08:22:14

Do NOT go to skegness, we camped once with a whole years worth of jeremy kyle guests it would seem. If phoning the police and having to actually remove crying babies from a situation that has their dad beating up their mum is what you like? or having to eat in the town as the food on site is so dire and the staff cant even microwave it properly so its cooked yuk! In fact avoid all havens completly.

However i can highly recommend the park holidays on the solent, we always hire a private caravan get more for your money that way. Family run quiet park was really really lovely.

rubyrubyruby Tue 12-Apr-11 08:25:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Tue 12-Apr-11 08:26:21

We went to Hafan y Mor a fortnight ago and it was lovely. Also another vote for Wild Duck, we were owners there for years, seashore at Yarmouth is ok too.

mycatoscar Thu 14-Apr-11 14:56:14

feenie LOL I dont think you had unrealistic expectations to not want that! Sounds absolutely horrible. I have a real thing about cleanliness and have had 2 happy holidays with Haven so I guess they arent all as bad as that.

I think you've got to expect it to be basic, and a bit chavvy grin and for the entertainment to be crap and cheesy - but dd loves it so I dont mind

Doowrah Thu 14-Apr-11 15:07:43

Hayle, St Ives. Fab location we had a lovely time there.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Thu 14-Apr-11 21:14:04

Haven are also doing a no quibble refund policy if your not impressed on arrival with the cleanliness of the accommodation.

oooggs Thu 14-Apr-11 21:22:09

anyone been to Greenacres nr Porthmadog, N Wales?

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