A short break next week in the uk £500 max, help!

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Longo Tue 05-Apr-11 12:40:01

DP has decided we should go away next week, as title says we've got £500 and no transport, any ideas or tips!? DP hates all Butlins etc places by the way!

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Longo Tue 05-Apr-11 12:45:54

We can hire a car DP has just told me so forget no transport!!

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mummymeister Tue 05-Apr-11 18:53:05

Blimey, you are going to struggle to find something for Easter school holidays. Why not check out some of the last minute type sites. ones like laterooms or lastminutecottages are ones we have used in the past but there are others out there. How about planning 4 days out and 3 days at home? For the 3 days at home pick an actual activity to do around your area. we do this regularly - our favourites are completing a puzzle or having a board game day when we try and play every one we have in our play room. Do a treasure hunt with some friends could be fun finding the most different sorts of leaves and stuff. Also family rail cards - we love em! Good luck.

fivegomadinthelambingshed Tue 05-Apr-11 18:55:39

Hello, we run a B&B in dorset and have spaces for next week, if you are interested please see my ad in the classified section.

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