Quiet caravan site on Isle of Wight

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jacksgrannie Thu 31-Mar-11 16:22:25

We are taking our two DGSs away for a week at end of July (parents both work) and have decided on a caravan on the Isle of Wight. We did the same thing last year at a site in Dorset which was recommended on Mumsnet so if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.

Ideally we would like a site which is scenic and quiet, no evening entertainment which is within walking distance of a nice sandy beach and which has an on-site swimming pool. Possibly this is too much to hope for on one site?
(Last year we went to Ulwell near Swanage which was fab).

Our DGSs will be 2 and 6.

Any ideas anyone?

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jacksgrannie Sat 02-Apr-11 20:44:07


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