Devon/Cornwall Nice Child Friendly Hotel and Caravan/Holiday Park

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MyAngels Fri 25-Mar-11 10:36:17

Hi All

Was all booked to spend my 40th birthday in a 5* hotel in Luxor in 2 weeks - DH went and had heart attack on Sunday and so all is now cancelled.

DH is out of hospital and on the mend. So now I'm looking for a nice hotel to spend night before/day of birthday (8th April) in. It needs to be a hotel as I categorically refuse to wipe tables and pick up Shreddies off the floor on my 40th (AIBU? Maybe I should start a thread there...?). Ideally the hotel should have some distractions for the children, but DH can't do much to look after them at the moment, so it needs to be something I can manage on my own (DD is nearly 4, DS 16 months) eg swimming might be a bit too much. Have looked at Bedruthan Steps - might be a bit pricey? But worth it?

I thought we might then have a few days in a caravan/holiday cottage, but of course, its the beginning of the school holidays and a bit late and not sure where is good. Any recommendations for Devon/Cornwall?

Apologies for rambling - am rather gutted that my lovely warm 5* hotel holiday is off, I particularly need a little bit of a rest now as I'm looking after DH as well as the kids...


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Jojocat Fri 25-Mar-11 11:42:25

I'd definitely recommend bedruthan steps with children that age. They will love it and you will get a break. You could use the children's clubs there a few times in order to treat yourself to a few spa treatments.

If you are planning to go to a cottage/caravan I'd do that first and have the hotel to look forward to at the end. I would highly recommend Northway cottages in North Devon. The cottages are very nice and there is a small games room/ swimming pool area. The children can help feed the animals (rabbits etc) in the mornings and mine loved it there. The owners are so friendly. I really don't like caravans and they are amazingly expensive.

surfitlive Fri 25-Mar-11 17:11:40

Very stressful, glad to hear DH is on the mend. I agree with Jojocat, think it would be nice to have hotel to look forward to at the end of your break! We go to Coombe Mill in North Cornwall. It's set on a farm so the kids can run around free and you don't need to be watching them every second. Feed run in the mornings (every day I think?) where they get a go at feeding all the animals, and 'driving' the tractor! My girls (7 and 4) love all the animals, and you meet other families if you go on the feed runs each morning, so the kids make new friends. Play areas inside and outside too - definitely recommend it.

RileyBigBro Mon 28-Mar-11 20:42:34

Cornwall has got some fab child friendly hotels, try googling these...
Bedruthan Steps Hotel
Fowey Hall
Sands Resort

Hope this helps, enjoy your hols x

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