I have really messed up

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beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 14:20:08

We need to book a 3 day break for under 300 for this thursday or a little girl will be really upset any suggestions

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ChippingInSmellyCheeseFreak Sat 29-Jan-11 14:21:54

I'm sure people will help, but you need to give us a bit more info...

Where are you?
Where do you want to go to? (in UK out UK)
What does your little girl like?
What do you like?
What have you told your little girl?

beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 14:22:13

i have messed up as we thought we could get a late london room but we can't afford that with all the parking etc .we also really need self catering due to allergies ideally in cornwall

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NorbertDentressangle Sat 29-Jan-11 14:26:10

Have a look on some of the bargain finder websites like www.hotukdeals.com as you often see special hotel deals on there so that might sort the London problem out.

I seem to remember someone saying that Hilton have a half price offer going on at the mo.

beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 14:29:30

we are in bristol,we need to stay in uk,she likes anything but it is her 6th bday and we told her we were going to london!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NorbertDentressangle Sat 29-Jan-11 14:34:49

50% off any weekend in 2011 -might be worth a look

ChippingInSmellyCheeseFreak Sat 29-Jan-11 14:48:57


I think you should tell her it's too cold to go to London and that you will go in the spring/summer when it's lovely, warm, sunny and you can enjoy it more. (Complete bullshit, but needs must!).


- Think of something else she would love - how about having a friend to stay and doing lots of fun things with them both - zoo/movies/dinner out.

- London for the day, perfectly do-able from Bristol.

Is she not at school Thursday & Friday?

beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 14:57:46

thanks all had a look unavaliable or too much .

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onadifferentplanettoday Sat 29-Jan-11 14:58:47

Cut down a stay in London to two nights and it's possible in your budget we did 3 nights last year at Premier Inn Kensington,easy walk to the museums (free), Harrods etc. Dont know what rail fares for you to London would be but we travelled very cheaply and first class from Norfolk by train.We also got late theatre tickets for West End (£15) and it was an easy enough tube ride to get there.

philmassive Sat 29-Jan-11 14:59:38


Contact this lady, she's fantastic and has helped me in the past with many holidays.

beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 15:02:34

london for the day and one night may be good ,a friend to stay may work .But we all need a break as the last few months have been hard.No we home educate.

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HairyToedHobbit Sat 29-Jan-11 15:04:28

This includes two days entry to the Eden Project and 3 nights self catering.

mummytime Sat 29-Jan-11 15:09:58

Have you tried the YHA? They can do 2 nights at a few places from Thursday.

ZsaZsaLaHore Sat 29-Jan-11 15:13:18

Have you thought about b&b accommodation just outside the centre of London. Works out a lot cheaper. www.bedandbreakfasts.co.uk/uk-london.asp

beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 15:29:27

we lokked at Yha but we are not sure ther are not many pics and not sure what it includes ie own bathroom in room.

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BooBooGlass Sat 29-Jan-11 15:35:55

I second the Premier Inn option. We stayed at one just off Earls Court Road 2 summers ago and it was very reasonable and right in the middle of things. And yes, I would even cut down to 2 days if it meant you could still go. Are you going by train? It's worth getting a railcard, and splitting the tickets. I'm in the Westcountry too and a ticket to Cambridge costs about £140 return. If I use my railcard, and stagger the tickets, so for eg, without getting off the train, buy tickets from Bristol to Cheltenham, Cheltenham to Birmingham, Birmingham to Leicester, Leiceter to Cambridge, saves me at least £80. Madness as it's exactly the same journey hmm. I reckon you can still do it for £300.

beachesforme Sat 29-Jan-11 15:42:10

we were driving as train costs seem too high

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BooBooGlass Sat 29-Jan-11 15:43:06

It's worth running a few journey options through thetrainline.com, you could save quite a bit on parking and petrol

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Sat 29-Jan-11 15:50:30

Village hotels had some good deals on recently - we got 2 nights B&B and dinner on one night for £159 on valentines weekend so may be worth a look - dont think they have London from memory.

iskra Sat 29-Jan-11 15:57:34

Yha is fine. You can get own bathrooms in the st pancras one.

LadyBiscuit Sat 29-Jan-11 15:58:02

Drive to outer London and get the tube in, then you won't have to pay for parking. Presume you will be able to carry your bags between you?

onadifferentplanettoday Sat 29-Jan-11 16:00:50

I suggested train as it makes the short break a bit more of an adventure and by the time you've factored in petrol.parking etc not to mention the stress! maybe not such an expensive option.

Kewcumber Sat 29-Jan-11 16:04:00

http://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/express-hammersmit h.html?tab=1&error_url=%2Fhotel%2Fgb%2Fexpress-ham mersmith.html%3Faid%3D325411%3Blabel%3Ddirect%3Bsi d%3Dedddc24211649a5b685dad1c48fe1b42%3B&do_availab ility_check=on&aid=325411&label=direct&sid=edddc24 211649a5b685dad1c48fe1b42&checkin_monthday=3&check in_year_month=2011-2&checkout_monthday=5&checkout_ year_month=2011-2

Holiday inn at Hammersmith - easy tube journey from loads of places and close to M4

ChasingSquirrels Sat 29-Jan-11 16:09:33

3 nights at Bosinver - Hydranga Cottage would be £333, could you stretch to that?

ChasingSquirrels Sat 29-Jan-11 16:10:26

and tbh they have a lot of availability - so if you were interested in it I'd suggest calling and trying for a cheaper rate.

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