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Where could we go at end of January, maybe a bit like CP but not CP, within easy distance of the A1 anywhere between London & Scotch Corner

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MrsPickles Mon 10-Jan-11 22:01:58

We like Centre Parcs and it may have to be Centre Parcs, but only being able to arrive on a Friday or a Monday doesn't work out for us. Actually, the weekend could work but CP prices are far too expensive for a 3 night weekend break I think! Is there anywhere nice we could go with a 3.9 yr old DD1 and 10 month old DD2, our main priority is something that will occupy DD1 which enables us to sit down and read newspapers and drink coffee in peace. Like CP swimming pool or soft play areas in restaurants. We're also combining it with travelling up north to see family so ideally within reach of the A1 which rules out Bluestone and a lot of lovely places I have seen in the South West. Ta muchly in advance.

vintageteacups Mon 10-Jan-11 22:31:38

here but not sure if there's a pool

vintageteacups Mon 10-Jan-11 22:36:04

bit far off the A1 but doable and has indoor pool

MrsPickles Tue 11-Jan-11 09:35:19

Thanks Vintageteacups, I like both of those, but the Cumbria one has no availablility for January and the Peak District one is a bit expensive for the dates we want. Hadn't thought about going to the Lakes, but it wouldn't be too bad to get to.

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