Scotland - would any of you be able to help me?

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ChippingIn Sun 09-Jan-11 07:38:31

We are planning a trip to Scotland in July (YAY - but please ask the mossies to stay away!).

2 adults, no children.

The current plan is:

Start in Inverness (3N) - do the Kyle of Lockhalsh train trip (1N Plockton) and have a day in Inverness.

Hire a car.

Drive down to do Loch Ness (well you have to don't you grin), Urqhart Castle down to Fort William (3N).

Train out to Malig.

Day around base of Ben Nevis (waterfall walk etc) and Loch Linnhe.

Down to Lochaline a couple of nights on Mull then out to Oban (2N)

Down to Mull of Kintyre (1N) (bit of retro tragic recorder playing grin)

Over to Loch Lomond (singing You take the High Road...bigger grin) (1N)

Glasgow (1N)

Falkirk wheel

Edinburgh (2N)

Can you tell us anything we shouldn't miss on that route (or a little off of it).

How long you think we need (we have allowed 14 days not including the days we arrive or leave). I know we could spend a lot longer but we would actually like to condense it a bit, but not sure where/how?

We would like to stay in at least one, preferably more, proper castles (cheap not expensive) and probably B&B's, budget hotels other than that.

Both more interested in scenery/architecture not so much (or at all really unless completely unmissable) museums, nightclubs or huge hikes.

If anyone can help with planning any aspect of it I' be very grateful I'll be back mid morning to see if anyone's made it this far and answer any questions.

(Hope it all makes sense, haven't been to bed yet!)

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fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sun 09-Jan-11 07:44:24

I'd fit Glencoe area in if possible-it's spectacular!

fledtoscotland Sun 09-Jan-11 08:07:53

Personally i dont like Oban- its just a port really. Loch linnhe is amazing & theres a little inn on the other side of the Corran ferry thats worth an overnight stay to aporeciate the whisky

Inverness is great and worth a trip to fortrose in the black isle to see dolphins on the incoming tide

Have been here 11yrs and holidayed here every year as we have dogs so messege me if you want more info

EssieW Sun 09-Jan-11 08:23:01

I'd miss out mull of kintyre and loch lomond and concentrate on highlands. But I am highland and west coast addict.

Would consider swapping mull for Skye. Both are stunning but Skye a little easier to get around if limited time. Longer drive to get to Skye though. You're close in Mallaig and can get ferry

Oban nice but poss doesn't deserve 2 nights.

Agree that glencoe is definitely worth seeing.

Beaches near Mallaig nice - either shell or White sand.

fledtoscotland Sun 09-Jan-11 08:31:48

Agree that skye is amazing but you also need to consider travelling (time/roads/trains). Also consider Pitlochry (house of bruar is a tourist trap but has an amazing food hall) and aberfoyle.

In glasgow Kelvingrove is a must along house of an art lover, peoples palace & botanic gardens. For architecture just wondering round the west end is great.

Tbh the falkirk wheel isnt that much - even including a walk & lunch you would b pushed to spend more than a few hours there.

dementedma Sun 09-Jan-11 09:14:57

If doing Falkirk wheel also visit Callendar House and estate which is nearby, or do Stirling instead/as well. Very good castle there!

oricella Sun 09-Jan-11 09:55:57

I would suggest not doing the train trip to Plockton, but instead heading north by car, stay in Carbisdale Castle, cross over to the West and head down Ullapool, Plockton, Skye and then cross over from Skye to Mallaig and on to Fort William.

I'd probably wouldn't go down to Argyll - although if heading that way the Crinan canal is nice; Inveraray is a touristy stop but good for kids maybe. I would second going back via Glencoe instead

Do a day trip from Inverness to Urquhart Castle; then go on to Glen Affric, visit Plodda falls or Dog falls; come back the Beauly way

oricella Sun 09-Jan-11 09:58:10

O yes - and do go see the dolphins in Fortrose at Channonry Point (I haven't had much luck lately though); you can also do dolphin boat trips from Cromarty

Mssoul Sun 09-Jan-11 09:59:35

youth hostel that is a castle in Inverness

oricella Sun 09-Jan-11 10:01:13

And if you can change you dates - you have a much better chance of better weather and fewer midgies if you come in June.. July has been an absolute wash out for years now

Mssoul Sun 09-Jan-11 10:02:36

Sorry Oricella already posted this blush Agree re Skye. Lovely. I love Arran. You'd need a whole day, and even a night if you have a spare one. You could do this at the end as quite far south...

pink4ever Sun 09-Jan-11 10:04:34

In glasgow dont miss kelvingrove or the botanic gardens(in fact the west end is a must-ashton lane for food and drinks).Give falkirk a miss(my dh works there!) but go to stirling castle instead.

bruhaha Sun 09-Jan-11 10:11:38

Glasgow - stay in West End. Glasgow University is really nice to walk around, nice architecture and has museums which are free. Kelvingrove Art Gallery is a must and is good for kids. You can get the hop on/hop off sightseeing bus which takes you round and has a tour guide on board. rove/Pages/home.aspx

HotSprocket Sun 09-Jan-11 10:12:46

Nooo don't miss the flakirk wheel (sorry pink4ever). I think it is great!

You can take the boat trip around the wheel, the kids will love it. My nephew still talk about going on it 2 years ago smile

It will probably take you about half a day if you take a picnic and go for a wee walk. There is a play area for the kids too.

I sound like some flakirk wheel promoter, im not I promise!

bruhaha Sun 09-Jan-11 10:13:18

sorry just realised - no kids. Still Kelvingrove is excellent.

bruhaha Sun 09-Jan-11 10:17:24

With no kids you can enjoy the nightlife of Ashton Lane - lots of pubs and cobbles (don't wear high heels!). Byres Road has nice places to eat. The Grosvenor Hotel is at the top and is a good base for one night although i don't know how much it costs, there are lots of B&Bs in the area (I work at the Uni and lived in west end for years). There is also a cinema in Ashton Lane if you fancied it. Botanic Gardens at the top of Byres Road and Underground station on Byres Road (called Hillhead Station) which takes you into Glasgow city centre in about 10 mins.

geordieminx Sun 09-Jan-11 10:17:47

Def miss out Falkirk, as someone else said you'd be hard pushed to spend more than an hour there. Def west end of Glasgow, and once you get to Edinburgh the national museum of modern art is fab.

magicOC Sun 09-Jan-11 11:10:41

Stirling Castle not to be missed for sure.

Skye - i'm jealous, haven't been yet smile

Second Malaig, the beaches are amazing.

If you do visit Oban, i'd say only use it as a way to get to the ferry across to Mull, head towards Iona, it's stunning.
From there you can also tke boat trips out to Fingals Cave (SP?) and see Sammy Sealgrin. There are Dolphins to be seen too if your lucky.

Def miss out the Falkirk Wheel.

Oh and one final word.....

Any room in your suitcase for a little bit of Magic grin

magicOC Sun 09-Jan-11 11:12:17

Meant to add enjoy

CardyMow Sun 09-Jan-11 11:16:40

Skye is gorgeous (used to live there!). You have the Museum of Island life in Kilmuir, the cuillins are lovely to walk in (don't miss the old man of Stour). There's also a lovely toy museum (can't remember where it is, but it's brilliant), lots of arts / crafts studios. There's also a nice visitor centre in Portree. I used to live in Uig.

CardyMow Sun 09-Jan-11 11:17:45

And about Plockton - The chip-shop there does the best fish and chips I've ever eaten!

gibbberish Sun 09-Jan-11 11:18:28

Forget falkirk wheel. On your way back down come through the trossachs so you can see the lochs. Can have a lovely day out at loch katrine especially. Also if you have time pop into the david marshall lodge outside aberfoyle. The views are just stunning.

Don't miss stirling castle and the wallace monument is always good for a few photographs.

YouCantTeuchThis Sun 09-Jan-11 11:22:26

If you planning on Mull, then I would swap your two nights in Oban for a night or two over on Iona. Absolutely stunning.

Mum72 Sun 09-Jan-11 11:22:41

MY favourite scottish castle is just North of Inverness - well about 40 miles or so - so may take a whole day to visit but well worth it IMO

We used to make a day of it (when we lived by Inverness) and also used to go into the Falls of shin (salmon leap) enroute or on the way back

magicOC Sun 09-Jan-11 11:42:34

So......apart from Hotsprocket, the FW looks like a BFN grin

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