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Would Center Parcs in February be rubbish?

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fromheretomaternity Mon 03-Jan-11 22:00:52

DH is taking a week off work in February (not half term). We fancy going away somewhere but not abroad. Centre Parcs looks quite cheap at that time but would it be any good in the cold in February? Have never been so don't really know what to expect!

We have two DS's, who will be 2.8 years and 4 months.

DooinMeCleanin Mon 03-Jan-11 22:02:25

We usually go to the Nottingham one in Jan/Feb time. It's not rubbish there is still loads on to do, both indoors and outdoors. And it's very scenic when it's snowy.

piprabbit Mon 03-Jan-11 22:04:39

We went in February and there was plenty do for our little ones (seemed to spend ages bobbing around in the swimming area TBH).
We fed the birds and squirrels who came to our patio, went for snowy walks and generally relaxed.
Was much better than I expected.

Fizzylemonade Sat 08-Jan-11 15:55:23

We have been in February and it snowed but we still all went out to the pool etc

It seems to be when you are at center parcs whether it rains or shines you still either walk somewhere or bike it.

I have been loads blush and we went when ds2 was just 7 weeks old (I had even had c section) it was booked before I knew I was pregnant.

As long as you wrap up you will be fine. Loads to do, feed ducks/fish, nature walks, pool (all free) each restaurant has a play area meaning while you are waiting for your food your youngest can be playing and not made to sit at a table bored grin

We are back there in April. Cannot wait!

rookiemater Sat 08-Jan-11 20:42:05

Certainly hope it won't be as we have booked a long weekend there. Totally dependant on the weather, but at least there is a lot indoors such as the huge pool complex and they set out lots of inflatables and things in one of the halls some days.

doozle Sun 09-Jan-11 21:56:12

No I really like Centerparcs in winter and there's always lots to do, no matter what the weather.

SuchStuff Sun 09-Jan-11 22:02:51

We're off to Elvedon at the end of January with our 2 yo DS and really looking forward to it. Swimming, nature walks and log fires. Lovely!!

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