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Centre parcs after christmas

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goingroundthebend4 Sun 26-Dec-10 06:53:21

After talking with the dc and knowing we have that horriable after christmas day bleh time to come.Next year wer eplanning to go away 27th/28th for week and dc do enjoy cp .

Am wondering can anyone tell me what is open and what sort of stuf fthey have on befor ei go book it

thank you

funmother Sun 26-Dec-10 11:49:05

Hi Goingroundthebend4,
which centre parcs are you thinking about going to?
We went to CP Longleat in December a few years ago and had a brilliant time and everything was open (apart from longleat itself unfortunately).

gingernutlover Sun 26-Dec-10 18:38:47

we are going to elveden on weds for 5 nights

is lovely to go away as a family after all the madness of christmas, everything as CP is open as usual - with some slightly different hours for new years eve/day.

The only thing I would say is that the prices to do anything organised on NYE are extortionate, and if you dont book something to do then you are resigned to sitting in your villa - which is fine if you dont mind that (we are going out to early dining as we have 5 year old dd but a dinner dance thing would have been around £160 for the 3 of us!)

My only grip with CP is that there is nothig to do in the evenings except swimming, eating out (expensive), bowling (expensive). But, it is nice that it isnt like Butlins with a massive noisy showbar LOL.

norwich is nearby elveden and thats nice for a day out, or bath is nice from longleat.

goingroundthebend4 Mon 27-Dec-10 04:21:52

thank you

We will probably go for Elvden as flater as ds3 uses a wheelchair

have been before but was just not sure how much of the othe stuff is on between Xmas and the new year

new years eve meh not bothered about doing anything on it maybe stay up in villa with ds1 and ds2.I refuse to pay rip of prices for one night plus with 4 dc that gets very expensive

we went December few years ago before Xmas and loved it but it's that horriable Xmas blues and the ekkk what to do with the kids that have made me decide to do something next year.(sp so this is always worse time of year)

have don't Butlins but older ds's were bored of a evening they rather be in the pool

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