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Pontins Camber Sands anyone been?

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prettypurpledaisy Thu 30-Sep-10 21:02:37

Due to go to Pontins in Camber Sands for a weekend dance competition, just seen it on watchdog and am beginning to stress.
Anyone been there?
Reassurance needed

TotorosOcarina Thu 30-Sep-10 21:03:54

We have.

Was ok ish

Wouldn't go again.

smokinaces Thu 30-Sep-10 21:09:34

I went 4 years on the trot and loved it. It was 17 years ago though grin

what did they say on watchdog was wrong with it?

littleducks Thu 30-Sep-10 21:15:33

The beach at camber sands was great in fact we often now go there for day trips but we got one of the free holidays through money saving expert about 2 yrs back, the budget accomodation was vile, no shower just a dirty bath, smelly carpets and curtains, we paid to upgrade to middle range accomodation and then left early

prettypurpledaisy Thu 30-Sep-10 21:19:58

Oh dear this is not making me feel better
Have spent £240 on this weekend away, know the dance comp is ok but the accommodation looked shocking on Watchdog very dirty.
Oh well i can always hope

TotorosOcarina Thu 30-Sep-10 21:22:13

Yes we paid to upgrade to superior or some such.

smokinaces Thu 30-Sep-10 21:26:45

My friend has just written on FB that they went there last week and had no problems at all - it wasnt the Ritz, but their chalet was fine. I'm sure with all this being on watchdog there will be extra cleaning done from here on in grin

MarkBD Fri 01-Oct-10 12:57:47

We went in August (with young children) and whilst the park itself was ok, the chalet accommodation was absolutely filthy and when we arrived was barely fit for human occupancy.

Mould growing on the curtains, dirty kitchen and bathroom floors, beds and sofa bed falling to bits and worst of all what turned out to be a filthy filter on the back of our fridge which led to us having to sit in the bedrooms with the doors closed as there was such a smell in the main 'living' area.

If I had children who weren't yet able to walk there is absolutely no way I would take them there.

The worst part is that you can complain all you want, and no-one really seems to care.

lilolilmanchester Thu 07-Oct-10 13:58:01

Been a couple of times, also for dance weekends. We have had Club chalets, ok v. basic but reasonably clean.Possibly better out of high season MarkDB? Look on it as posh camping and take some anti-bac wipes & wash plates etc before using!

RichTom Sun 21-Apr-13 14:41:29

Hi all went on pontins website and read that they now begun to include to linen at the camber sands holiday park which is about a fiver each. Shall be doing this next time I am at pontin's.

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