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Do half-board holidays with kids activities exist in the UK?

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AlwaysSickAndTired Sat 07-Aug-10 13:37:50

Sorry if this is a stupid question but apart from Centerparks, Butlins and that kind of thing, is there something like an upmarket holiday place (hotel, cabin lodges...) somewhere pretty (Wales, Devon...) that offers half board (or at least b&b) with some activities for children (3 and 6 year olds). Thank you.

MamaVoo Sat 07-Aug-10 14:07:33

I don't know but I'll be watching with interest.

I've actually booked for us to go to the hotel at Butlins for a couple of nights but I'm a bit apprehensive about what it will be like (I think the website sort of hypnotises you into booking). Still, it's given my childless friends a good laugh.

AlwaysSickAndTired Mon 09-Aug-10 14:08:18

bump blush

mebaasmum Mon 09-Aug-10 18:08:05

I think you can get that kind of thing at places like, sands resort in cornwall, bedruthen sands, knowle house and woolacome bay hotel but it doesnt come cheap.

LIZS Mon 09-Aug-10 18:11:10

Manor House, Okehampton or the luxury family hotel group

popmum Mon 09-Aug-10 18:24:04

we stayed in the chine hotel bournemouth which was pretty good.

mebaasmum Mon 09-Aug-10 18:27:37

just checked its bedruthen steps not sands and knoll house is spelt like this but doesnt look like they do kids clubs

LIZS Mon 09-Aug-10 18:35:24

Sands Resort has kids clubs

LIZS Mon 09-Aug-10 18:44:25

Watergate Bay Hotel

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