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7+/8+ tutors in Central London

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annalenav Wed 02-Oct-19 22:04:14

I would greatly appreciate some tutor recommendation for 7+ in Central London who could prepare DS for St.Pauls Junior and Westminster Under.

sarawein216 Wed 16-Oct-19 00:19:31

I am a tutor for 7+, 11+ and 13+ and I have been tutoring those levels for about 15 years with good results. I can travel to you and have reasonable rates. Thank you. Sara Weintraub
07539 353 772.

tracystevens Thu 17-Oct-19 13:02:47

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Lolakath19 Thu 24-Oct-19 11:28:31

Hi annalenav, did you find someone with references for those schools? I might be looking for my son in a couple of years?

Thanks alot

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