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GCSEs booster courses

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siska57 Mon 30-Sep-19 02:06:22

Hi everyone. I hope to get some help from more experienced mums here. I have a daughter in year 11 and actively studying for her final exams. As a parent I feel that I need to give her as much support as possible. I got her English and Maths private tutor but I am still thinking about booster courses near Christmas and Easter. Has anyone tried any small group courses in Central or North London? We are based in Islington so ideally I am looking for something not too far from us.
I am trying to find anything online but no success so far.
I would be grateful for any advice.
Thanks a lot!!

TottieandMarchpane Mon 30-Sep-19 02:08:31

Does she need help?

siska57 Mon 30-Sep-19 23:49:16

She is currently at level 6-7 for most of the subjects but I can see that she can't cope under pressure. And I really worry that she may panic on the exams and mess it all up! I read some posts that the children were doing good but on the actual GCSE's got lower grades. I believe that a very good preparation would avoid the moment of surprise on the exam and the child can focus better and achieve good results.
I am curious to find out what is your experience with that.

Thanks a lot.

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