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Harrow, Eton, Winchester

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schooling123 Sun 18-Aug-19 18:09:02

I am new to boarding schools applications. Is Eton more competitive to get into compare to Harrow and Winchester ( bursary )? I am trying to narrow down choices and apply realistically

QuaterMiss Sun 18-Aug-19 19:23:36

You’re perhaps asking the wrong question. Which school would suit your son best? Where would he be happiest?

You need to have visited each possible school with your son, then you’ll know where you want to apply. (Assuming you have reason to believe he’s clever enough for it to be worth a shot.)

You’ll know that the first on your list aims to be needs blind at the point of application. I don’t know about the others.

happygardening Tue 20-Aug-19 21:35:59

Eton has more applicants per place than Winchester this is because Winchester has a much longer and very personal interview/selection process therefore HMs restrict the number of applicants. At Eton there is as far as so know no restrictions on how many can register for the school. Harrow also has more applicants per place again for similar reasons to Eton.
They are different schools and in different locations, as said above look at all three and decide which one you like the look of and feels would suit your DS best.
Having said this many parents register for all three and others and may get a place at 1 but not the other 2, get places at 2 or even 3 or get no places at any. Nothing is guaranteed. Both Winchester and Eton are aspiring to be needs blind (I can’t comment on Harrow) but I’m not either of then have 100% achieved this yet.
Most people looking at these three schools (a a few others) have a “fall back” a school your child is almost a dead cert to get a place at if they fail to get a place at their first choice.

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