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In complete panic mode with 11 plus !

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Location19 Mon 05-Aug-19 12:10:18

Currently trying to get DD through the Medway and Kent 11 plus tests and I am panicking. The alternative to the state schools in the area are direconfused

I am helping her, we concentrate on one aspect and then she falls behind on another.

rosesinmygarden Tue 06-Aug-19 15:40:57

I tutor 11 plus. What is she finding tricky?

I advise all my tutees to spend 30 minutes per day minimum on revision. Definitely no longer than 1 hour. Cover all areas in one week, then repeat.

Has she done a mock at all?

Location19 Wed 07-Aug-19 10:01:34

Apart from the revision should I do extra work as well with her during the day ?

She finds following instructions and reading the instruction too much of a bother. Word problems are difficult for her.

Location19 Wed 07-Aug-19 10:03:06

Thanks for your help Rosie ,should I only cover one topic per 30 mins revision session ?

TW2013 Wed 07-Aug-19 10:10:30

We found the CGP 10 minute tests useful. Ten minutes of two areas a day and then a longer stretch of 25-30 mins to get used to the test length. Something like this

Wildboar Wed 07-Aug-19 10:16:33

We’re in the same boat! I’ve been trying to do 40 mins daily. 10 mins maths, 10 mins non verbal reasoning and then 20 minutes either a comprehension or verbal reasoning.

I’ll probably do some mocks soon to see how she does.

rosesinmygarden Wed 07-Aug-19 14:32:17

The only way she's going to pass is if she reads the instructions and questions properly. Does she actually want to pass? Sorry if that sounds blunt, but I frequently have to have this conversation and unless the child is naturally very bright, they are going to have to work hard and put effort into following instructions. If they aren't willing then you are wasting your time.

Location19 Wed 07-Aug-19 17:46:04

She has told she really wants to pass as her friends are also trying to go for the same school. She likes working with me but when left on her own to do the tests, she doesn't do so well.

rosesinmygarden Wed 07-Aug-19 23:51:53

Okay, so on the day she obviously needs to do it on her own so you need to work towards her doing them independently.

When you work together, try not to help or spoonfeed her. You need to wean her off wkrking with you to working with you there and then working alone. Ask her questions instead, so for comprehension, when she chooses an answer ask her why she's chosen that one, what evidence did she use? Set her a small task, like a set of 4-6 questions and Mark them together.

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