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Maths Tutor for my 8 year old!

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jamaica84 Thu 28-Mar-19 11:28:21

Hi, everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I am looking for a female maths tutor (particularly times tables) for my 8 year old. If anyone is a tutor or knows of one they can recommend (reasonably priced) I would be really grateful, thanks!

Seeline Thu 28-Mar-19 11:38:15

You might need to narrow it down a bit!
Where in the world are you?

jamaica84 Thu 28-Mar-19 12:29:03

lol, sorry I thought it was a local board! I am in Walsall/Willenhall, The West Midlands

Okki Thu 28-Mar-19 12:50:49

Not really answering your question but in the interim, I bought an app called Squeebles for my DC and it really helped them. My DD struggled with times tables at that age. It was recommended on here by a maths teacher.

jamaica84 Thu 28-Mar-19 13:17:45

Oh lovely thanks I’ll check it out

WhenZogateSuperworm Thu 28-Mar-19 13:21:29

You don’t need a tutor to teach your child timetables. It’s repetition, over and over until they know them. Buy some cards and play pairs and snap with them. There are also lots of apps that do them.

A maths tutor can be useful to asses your child’s understanding of number, but it would be a huge waste of money for them to focus on timestabeks which are essentially just a case of memorising them.

Passthecake30 Thu 28-Mar-19 13:22:29

I think times tables are something that you can use online resources to improve on, rather than pay out a fortune for a tutor. If you google, you'll find plenty of worksheets. Also Sumdog, mymaths etc would help.

My ds was behind in maths in year 3, just by sitting with him for 20mins a day for several months gave him that boost he needed to be where he should be.

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