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Free Creative Writing Course for Children

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geekschool4ever Tue 26-Mar-19 23:37:28

Creative writing is a core component of so many 11 Plus exams and is an important skill that children need throughout primary and secondary school.

Over the years, I noticed that many children don't know how to write properly - in a structural sense. So many of them children don't read as much as they would have before the emergence of technology. Gadgets, it seems, has taken over the free time of many children!

Many children struggle to come up with ideas when writing, they struggle with basic grammar rules and don't seem to have a framework to work with when writing.

If this sounds like your child, and you want a creative writing course that will help them achieve a high standard in their essays and short stories, this is the perfect solution. Our course is FREE and it covers short story writing, other forms of writing and more!

The Geek School Online Creative Writing Course can be attended from the comfort of your child’s own home - it's like having a tutor in a pocket. It is short, but effective, so can work around the busiest of schedules. And it's affordable, too - you can't get cheaper than FREE!

Find out more about the Geek School Online Creative Writing Course here:

You won't be disappointed!

Location19 Tue 30-Jul-19 23:21:51

It's not allowing me to register, is this offer still available or was it just a scam ☹️

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