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What do you ask a tutor?

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Janepear Tue 12-Mar-19 19:55:18

We are getting my ds a tutor. We can’t find a recommendation so have been looking online. When you make contact with a tutor what sort of things do you ask? We live in a fairly remote area and despite looking on tutor websites none cover our area.

TeenTimesTwo Tue 12-Mar-19 19:59:19

We explained what we were looking for, and asked if they felt they could do it.
In our case the tutor we went for responded by saying he currently taught at our desired level and was a marker for the exam board too.

Janepear Tue 12-Mar-19 20:08:57

Thanks. Do you ask for a CV or just do a trial lesson? Maybe because I am doing it online rather than a friend having used them before I am feeling a little hesitant.

TeenTimesTwo Tue 12-Mar-19 20:44:00

I understand your hesitancy. I felt the same.

We went via TutorHunt I think.
We emailed back and forth to check seemed suitable, then paid a fee to release contact details.
He did the first session free to see how it went.

I didn't see the point of asking for a CV from a current teacher.

When we said what we were looking for we covered
- current issues
- our aims
- our child and what she would need

An academic child wanting to be pushed to an 8/9 may need a different tutor from an unconfident lower achiever trying to get to pass level.

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