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Peter Symonds views?

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Doglover123 Tue 05-Mar-19 08:37:47

Bright DC looking to move from selective inde with 6F to PS. What is PS like for humanities subjects, English, etc? How much work do they have per subject per day/evening? Can they study in library or is it heaving so everything has to be dinevat home? Will very bright but 'lazy' child cope? Heard from DDs friends who went there you only do really well if you do it all yourself as it is so huge and no real one to one support despite what is said. Is that true? DD said that of her 10 or so peers who move, the majority (but not all) underperformed at A level (they did well but not as well as they had been predicted /hoped for from gsce grades).DC likes idea of independence and not having teachers on back all time but needs this! DC tend to think grass is greener ...but huge risk is backfires. What is PS really like?

GinPleaseNeat Tue 05-Mar-19 09:01:32

My two went there (now both at university) and I can't speak highly enough of the place. Pastoral support is good. Between them mine did geography and history and they're very impressive departments with passionate expert staff. I believe the results are some of the best in the country overall. There are many students there from private schools. Yes it is huge but I think this is an advantage as if fosters independence and is a good stepping stone for university. One of mine had some 1:1 support at one stage. From my own experience I can't relate to any of the issues you're raising. Also if they're interested in Oxbridge the support is great.

GinPleaseNeat Tue 05-Mar-19 09:04:47

There is a big library where they can study. They only have to be there for timetabled lessons so can study at home if they prefer. One tip: if possible get the ordinary train rather than the college buses as much more flexibility. Train passes are subsidised.

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