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Science Workshops - What would you like to see?

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StandoutScience Mon 04-Feb-19 11:29:15

Hi everyone!

I am a Biochemistry PhD researcher currently writing up (confusedconfused!!) and throughout my studies I have done a lot of teaching at the University and in schools. I am really passionate about bringing engaging and exciting science to students!

I am setting up workshops based on the school curriculum but linking in more practical elements and material that is extracurricular. This will be aimed at students that want to do continue with science in education and experience teaching outside of the curriculum, but I would also like to include some that help students struggling with the curriculum.

I was hoping the Mumsnet community could give some insight as to whether this is something you as a parent would be interested in engaging your children in? If you are interested, are there particular areas you would love your child to have the opportunity to explore? Also, how would you see it fitting in best with school? Shorter after school workshops, or longer weekend or school holiday workshops?!

I have worked with students of all age groups so I'm open to workshops aimed at all ages, although I have prepared some initially for GCSE and A Levels.

I am excited to hear from everyone and thank you in advice for any time you give sharing your ideas!

April2020mom Mon 04-Feb-19 15:55:01

Personally this is what I would want:

A chance to ask questions
Short workshops to begin with
A variety of different types of workshops and activities
The kids to feel motivated and interested
A way of giving feedback afterwards

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