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Early prep work for 11+ (currently yr4)

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thisgirlrides Fri 27-Oct-17 16:17:30

Ds2 is likely to do the 11+ at the start of Yr6 so just under 2 years away. From what I've seen & heard, rather than worry about tutoring, it make sense to ensure they are absolutely secure in the basics before moving on to exam specifics. Is there is a definitive list to work through over the course of the next year or so or any general topics to work on? I'm guessing times tables (to 12 or 13/14?) and general English skills such as punctuation & spelling plus reading a wide range of style but not sure beyond that. I definitely don't want to start on 11+ workbooks or any sort of tuition until start of yr 5 at the very earliest but ds bright & is a keen learner so happy to sit alongside dc1 doing homework but doesn't get much from school so it makes sense to use this time to make sure he's up to speed on everything.

If it makes any difference we're in Kent & likely to aiming for super selective but if score isn't high enough he will probably join his sibling at a non-selective (it's a great school & we prefer it to the grammar that just requires a pass so seems silly not to have them together)
Any suggestion much appreciated.

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