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M & S 2007 Bunny with a little white t-shirt

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clucy Sat 19-Sep-09 15:05:20

This bunny seems to come up a few times on this forum, but here goes.
My daughter favourite bunny was lost today in York city centre, somehere around pavement or parliament street. Its the M & S bunny with a little white t-shirt on. It was given to her at birth and she is very attached.
Ironically i have been trying to get one on e-bay as bunny is very dirty and needs a scrub. They are going on e-bay for about £25.00, i know as i have been outbid several time. To be honest we just dont have that kind of money. Unfortunatly they dont come up very often.
If anyone find bunny in York today, please contact me. Or if you have one you dont use/need I can pay up to about £10.00

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