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The Search for Mr Ducky

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lookingforMrducky Tue 15-Sep-09 18:48:11

My daughter has lost her favourite soft toy and she is finding it very hard to recover from the loss. The toy was bought from Mothercare in 2004 and was a small white duck with orange bill and was in a green patterned romper suit.

As she is now five and she lost the toy (Mr Ducky) months ago I had hoped that she would have come to terms with the loss but no such luck.

She currently think that he is still in Florida after having lost him on the return at Heathrow airport.

I have checked with Mothercare and they no longer have any stock left. I even did an advert on Facebook to try and see if anyone could help, but no luck there. If anyone has one that isn't a much loved toy of their own child then I would even be prepare to pay a reward and the cost of the p&p & replacement new toy.

I have attached a link for those of you on Face book to a Group I set up that has pictures of my daughter and Mr Ducky, so hopefully this will help you in recgonising him!

If you can you will make a little girl very happy.

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