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Wanted - Superdrug cream and tan floppy 14" dog

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2boysnamedR Wed 24-Jun-09 22:28:53

Hi girls, I hope someone can help me out. My son has a Superdrug cream and tan floppy 14" dog as his favorite toy. It was bought for DS1 about 6 years ago. DS2 adores it and can't be without it for one split second at the moment. Problem is he is flity and smells yuk! I can't get him off DS2 as he holds him in death grip at night. I am worried it will either decompose in its own filth or he will lose the smelly thing. If anyone thinks they might have received a toy dog from superdrug about six years ago that has a tan top and cream belly and nose suround with a funny 'oily' looking fur. He has a brown sown nose and brown eyes. He doesn't stand or sit just flops with legs splayed. I think it is spanial. Tag on his bottom says he is from superdrug. Please can anyone help????
Thank you!!!

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