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slak Sun 21-Jun-09 19:27:32

Please can anybody help me reunite my son with his dearly loved "floppy puppy." He has had him since birth (4 years now) and he is very precious as he has been into hospital with him twice and has been absolutely everywhere else too. He is a Tesco hugging friend comforter (very floppy) and is beige/brown but very worn out looking and very tatty ears. He was lost at a carboot in Rollesby, Norfolk on Saturday 20.6.09. We went back to look for him as soon as we realised he was missing but could not find him and no body we asked had seen him. He is very much missed and of huge sentimental value as he was something I wanted us to keep forever. If anybody can help it would be so much apprechiated, thankyou.

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