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Hangingbellyofbabylon Fri 12-Jun-09 17:32:26

dd who is 3 has lost her much loved baby tiger, it fell out of her wheelchair today at some point. She's really upset and just keeps repeating 'baby tiger'. . It's an Anne Geddes tiger - same as this one. I can only find one on ebay but it's in the USA with over £20 postage on it.

Can anyone either help find one for me to buy? or if anyone has one a home I could buy it from you if you were willing. Have learnt a lesson here, always have a replacement ready for these emergencies!

Hangingbellyofbabylon Fri 12-Jun-09 17:33:41

forgot to say - lost in Bournemouth today, near Kinson School.

TripleTroubleMuffin Fri 12-Jun-09 17:40:22

Lots of listings when I googled but you will need to look through them to see if they are any good.

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