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Need a bunny !!

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lulalullabye Thu 21-Aug-08 09:09:28

My dd has a bunny that she got for easter in 2007. It was a Tesco easter present thing instead of an egg. There is a picture on my profile page.

He is now extremely tatty and we have tried to offer substitutes with no joy. Can anyone help ??

TrinityRhino Thu 21-Aug-08 09:10:42

I can't click your profile from your op

lulalullabye Thu 21-Aug-08 09:13:32

First time I have done this so prob done it wrong ! Any tips ?

lulalullabye Thu 21-Aug-08 09:19:29

Thats better. He wears and orange hoodie and very dirty ears.

TrinityRhino Thu 21-Aug-08 09:56:19

thats better
sorry I can't help you though
never seen a bunny like it
good luck

lojoesmammy Thu 21-Aug-08 10:22:00

what does the body look like?

SlartyBartFast Thu 21-Aug-08 10:30:19

doesnt she love it in its tatty state?>??

just wondered

lulalullabye Thu 21-Aug-08 12:55:21

The body is just a cream colour with fat hands and feet, round fat body.

Slarty she does love its tatty state, but even though we wash it regularly it really stinks and looks gross !

Just wondered if anyone knew of one then we could start to rotate.

wotulookinat Thu 21-Aug-08 14:50:58

Is this it? It's for sale on bounty!

wotulookinat Thu 21-Aug-08 14:59:13

ah would help if I put a link in!

lulalullabye Thu 21-Aug-08 19:03:57

Oh my word !!! Well done. How do I go about buying it as never been on that website ??

I can't believe you found it, I have looked everywhere or so I thought !

wotulookinat Thu 21-Aug-08 19:50:58

She is asking £2.50 for it, including postage. If you like, you could put the cash into my account (as a person payment so no fees) and then I'll pay her and get it sent to you. Would that be ok?

wotulookinat Fri 22-Aug-08 13:12:23

Hiya Lula, are you still wanting the bunny? The lady is on the Bounty website and she said she could post it to you tomorrow. smile

lulalullabye Fri 22-Aug-08 18:54:07

Hiya, hectic day. That would be great. Tell me what I need to do as a bit dim where these things are concerned !!

wotulookinat Fri 22-Aug-08 19:39:58

Do you have a paypal account Lula?

lulalullabye Fri 22-Aug-08 19:58:12


wotulookinat Fri 22-Aug-08 20:02:47

Oh super. Well woud you rather put the cash in my account and I pay the lady with the bunny or I could get her paypal address and you pay her direct - whichever you would prefer. smile

lulalullabye Fri 22-Aug-08 20:05:23

direct would be better I think. Thanks again for all your detective work grin

wotulookinat Fri 22-Aug-08 21:05:02

It's no problem smile I don't think I'd better put her email address on the site, so I'll put mine instead - it is Drop me an email and I shall pass hers on to you.

Let me know when it's all sorted - I like a happy ending smile

lulalullabye Sat 23-Aug-08 09:18:34

Thanks for that x

wotulookinat Tue 26-Aug-08 12:37:46

lula did you get the bunny?

lulalullabye Wed 17-Sep-08 21:22:38

Hi, the bunny came today !! smile but's pink, not cream. We didn't see it on the picture. Anyhow dd1 is slightly bemused but sort of accepting the new one.

Thanks again.

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