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TCM / Tchibo bear blankie (blue) -- desperately need one! Lost ours...please help!!!

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lilQuidditchKel Fri 15-Aug-08 22:04:25


DS has one toy which matters, a bear blankie here from Tchibo.

Please, has anyone got one in any kind of condition?? I will pay £100. Maybe more! Please please please!


Sawyer64 Fri 15-Aug-08 22:10:00

Anything like this one here

lilQuidditchKel Fri 15-Aug-08 22:14:53

thx but not really...did you see my photo? The one we lost has a blue stripey blanket - blue teddy head.

I am absolutely frantic, have searched the whole house 1,000 times (it's not a big place!) and it's literally disappeared!!! !

Sawyer64 Fri 15-Aug-08 22:18:59

How old is he,Does it have to be identical?

lilQuidditchKel Fri 15-Aug-08 22:25:03

DS is 2.4
We have tried in the past (and tonight!) to give him a different blankie bear. Not happening. He really loved this thing to death, it was unreal...

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:29:18

Have you tried emailing Tchibo? They might have it back on again sometime soon.

Sawyer64 Fri 15-Aug-08 22:31:35

This is the closest thing i can find,not stripey though.Good Luck!


lilQuidditchKel Fri 15-Aug-08 22:36:47

Hi - thanks for the replies - I am feeling so unbelievably bad about letting him lose this - and we did try emailing Tchibo ages ago when I first thought that we'd better have a 2nd one on hand. No luck.

I don't think I can sleep! It has really just vanished. In a 2 bed flat. It's ridiculous!

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:39:21

I am in Germany, I can post on a German mum forum to see if anyone has one. I think that they probably sell much more over here as it is a big German company.

Sawyer64 Fri 15-Aug-08 22:40:20

Have you tried the Washing Machine?

My DD2 who is 22 mths keeps putting her blanket in there.

Try going around the flat on your knees seeing things from his height as to where he could put it.

Hope you find it.

SoupDragon Fri 15-Aug-08 22:41:39

If you've not taken it out of the flat and not emptied any bins since last night, it must still be in the flat. As my mother would say "go back and look properly"

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:46:23

this it?

lilQuidditchKel Fri 15-Aug-08 22:48:48

MmeLindt, yes that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are a Genius!

DH is German - it's Oma who originally gave DS this one -

Must now figure out how to get it!!!!!!

grin grin grin grin!!!!!

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:49:49


If you need me to bid for it then let me know. Sometimes you cannot bid from UK on German items

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:51:12

another one

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:54:17

There are loads of them, if you search "Kuschelfreund"

Freut mich, dass Eure Sohnemann sein Bärchen wieder bekommt Nächstes mal soll die Oma 3x kaufen

lilQuidditchKel Fri 15-Aug-08 22:56:47

Ja, dass is richtig!! Mama schimpft!

Now I must figure out how to bid (and win) on German Ebay...

Danke Danke Danke MmeLindt.

MmeLindt Fri 15-Aug-08 22:59:03

Gern geschehen

mrz Fri 15-Aug-08 22:59:15

here or here

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