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Wanted Mini Mode/ Boots Blue Teddy Comforter 2004

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CrossWhy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:28:44

Desperately looking for a replacement Teddy for my son which has literally vanished into thin air. Been stalling him with Teddy playing Hide and Seek but, have no luck after taking house to pieces and now he has a cold he's telling me he's "missing teddy"

Teddy/comforter is made of blue soft toweling, has white face, hands and feet. Also has blue and white horizontal striped night cap.

Have tried all the commercial web sites for old stock and ebay but no luck.

Picture of Teddy here

itsahardknocklife Sun 27-Apr-08 22:36:38

I know it's not the same, but would a Cuski help? I have a beige one that my son was never interested in.

CrossWhy Sun 27-Apr-08 22:42:04

Thank you for the offer but afraid not. My son has never shown any interest in any soft toys other than his teddy.

itsahardknocklife Mon 28-Apr-08 11:34:46

Ah ok. I hope you find a bear for him x

HunnieBHayz Fri 02-May-08 15:10:10

i found one on ebay but its the pink one and very expensive!

in will keep a look out on there for you x

CrossWhy Thu 08-May-08 02:16:06

thanks, i saw that one, got my hopes up really high when i saw the title and totally got depressed when i saw it was a pink teddy. Afraid my son just isn't into pink.

Scootergrrrl Wed 21-May-08 10:20:48

I have the one from the following year which is almost identical apart from the hat - the body is all floppy and it's blue! You can have it to try if you like.

weesmurf Fri 30-May-08 12:38:14

There is a Mini Mode Blue Teddy Comforter on Ebay due to end in 6 days for £9.99.
I was going to go for it cos my daughter has one and loves it.
It has gone missing at times and I've had to tear the house apart so a replacement would be good.
But I think CrossWhy should go for it.

Scootergrrrl Sun 01-Jun-08 19:53:00

Weesmurf - you can have mine as a spare if you want it. It's sitting here looking at me as if to say "why doesn't DS love me...?" grin

weesmurf Wed 11-Jun-08 23:32:04

Scootergrrrl - that would be class. I tried to bid on another one on ebay but lost in last 10 secs. It was getting ridiculous price. Anything I could swop for it maybe. grin

Scootergrrrl Sat 14-Jun-08 15:10:32

You can have it for nothing - at least I can tell DH I'm decluttering! Email me at amandaandjames at brown4426.freeserve. co. uk with your address and I'll post it to you.

wendyhouse Fri 11-Jul-08 18:09:27

Hi I'm following on with the same nightmare situation of searching for a Blue Mini Mode Teddy Comforter from 2005, which has a bear shaped body but without the nightcap. My son has been on holiday to Anglesey with his Daddy and 'teddy' has remained by the sea! If anyone can help locate a replacement I would be eternally grateful. The only ones on ebay are the pink nightcap versions...PLEASE HELP!

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