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please please can any1 help find flopsy?

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KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:28:34

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:38:22

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 10-Feb-08 18:39:04

Do you know where he came from?

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:40:00

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 10-Feb-08 18:40:44

I would say that's a dog not a bunny

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:42:42

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 10-Feb-08 18:45:02

Not really I've not got one but it does look familiar so it could be a well know range.

Flamesparrow Sun 10-Feb-08 18:46:19

Yup, tis def a dog grin can't help replacing though

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:49:54

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:52:16

Message withdrawn

ItsPotatoesForYouMyLad Sun 10-Feb-08 18:52:51

sorry can't help. but bumping for you.

Flamesparrow Sun 10-Feb-08 18:53:13

lol - I have been calling one of DD's toys a rabbit for years, then DH pointed out his long mouselike tail blush

SoupDragon Sun 10-Feb-08 18:55:09

As your DD is only 6 months old, from an "acceptance" point of view you stand as much chance of replacing it with a similar feeling/looking toy as you do replacing it with an exact copy TBH.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:58:06

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 10-Feb-08 18:58:24

Message withdrawn

Flamesparrow Sun 10-Feb-08 18:59:01

We have a book like that - I have no idea where it went, but it was what DH bought when I sent him out after DD was born to buy "something for the baby" (I expected clothes!!)

MmeCellophane Sun 10-Feb-08 19:15:24

Bump. Has nobody got this dog, to tell KOMH where it came from?

ChippyMinton Sun 10-Feb-08 21:53:52

looks a bit like the Marks & Spencer floppy dogs - they change them every year. here

chocolatespiders Sun 10-Feb-08 21:56:57

i sould get her one of the m+s soft lush feeling toys....

was it velour feel if so mothercare do some comfort toys of that material

SoupDragon Mon 11-Feb-08 17:31:34

Bump for more help!

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 11-Feb-08 21:19:32

Message withdrawn

TalkroundupElf Mon 11-Feb-08 21:21:15

Oh thats brilliant news smile

MmeCellophane Mon 11-Feb-08 21:47:37

Good result!

Tell DD he's been on

HunnieBHayz Tue 12-Feb-08 10:54:19

glad you found a new one

he looks very like the tesco one i bought my partner for valetines day few years back

BigPantsRule Sun 17-Feb-08 17:57:31

Great news Knickers - I managed to replace a much loved but obsolete cuddly Pokemon toy through e-Bay as well! I don't think ds noticed the difference - if he did, he wasn't saying!

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