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sad lost mini mode boots pink bunny

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3asAbird Thu 30-Mar-17 23:46:33

We went on holiday to lanzarote
My 11 year old dropped her fave and baby toy comforter on the transfer bus.
We realised it was missing in baggage and told by few other passengers lady had found it and trying reunite.

Went Swiss port lost property office nothing
Bugged the holidays reps nothing
Flying back home checked Swiss port again nothing
We flew back with thomson and got crew to announce has anyone seen it passengers next to me remember lady trying to find its owner.
Totally baffled
We been home just over a week.
Order 2 off eBay but they not the one been many difficult versions.

It was brought boots in 2005/06
It's a pink baby rabbit comforter
Long pointy skinny ears
More a fleece fabric than velour finish

If anyone has one willing to pay good money.

I tried asking on local fb group no joy
Nothing much on ebay

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