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Lost Mothercare My First Bear

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drchap Thu 23-Jul-15 23:50:53

We managed to lose my daughter's much loved teddy on the last night of a P&O cruise last month (Azura A514 to the Fjords) - no luck with their lost property department. See attached picture of teddy by himself, and the last picture we have of him, hours before he went missing.

I have slightly mixed feelings about getting a replacement, but I suppose it's extremely unlikely now we'll find the original.

Frustratingly looks like Mothercare cleared out their stock of these earlier this year (for as little as £3!):,default,pd.html

I called pretty much every Mothercare branch in London just in case any individual stores had any stock left, but no luck there either.

I did spot one on ebay just now, with a minimum bid of £34.99(!) - over ten times what they were being flogged off for by Mothercare. On the one hand I'm prepared to pay that if there's no other choice, on the other hand I do feel a bit of a mug, that particular ebay seller seems to have sold lots of toys like this, often over the odds, and they're obviously making a tidy profit out of overly sentimental parents like me!

Should anyone happen to have one at the back of a cupboard they don't want, and would be willing to sell (ideally for less than £35!) please get in touch.

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