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Sainsburys Woddland Friends Hedgehog Comforter please help!

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incontinentiabucket Mon 10-Feb-14 15:19:11


My friends little girl has lost her comforter:
A big big plea....My daughter lost her Sainsburys Woodland Friends hedgehog comforter on Saturday (8th) either in Next (Cabot Circus) or between there and Superdry (walking the main road way not through Cabots). The time was around 4-4.30pm. We know it wasn't handed in as we returned Sunday and spoke to all the shops and Cabot cleaners/information and security. 'Splat' is in every family photo and is even a poster on her bedroom wall - if anyone can help us find who 'rescued' him or if anyone knows where I may be able to source one from you would make a little girl and her mummy very happy. Please re-post this if you have friends or family that may have been in the area. With love x

Has anyone seen splat? Does anyone have one we might be able to buy from you? Does anyone know where we can get another one from?

Any help gratefully received!

Thanks in advance xx

natslosttoys81 Mon 17-Mar-14 13:50:36 hope this helps

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