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Desperately seeking The White Company monkey from 2011

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emmag175 Wed 15-Jan-14 15:09:47

I have a very sad little boy.
We got given a little monkey when he was born, from The White Company. He has loved it from day one and has carried it everywhere.

He lost it at the weekend and I'm desperately trying to find a replacement.. he is different to the one they now stock. I have spoken to the staff at The White Company and they said he was made by Jelly cat. I have spoken to them and they don't have any either.

Can anyone suggest anything as I can't find him on Ebay either sad

He is called Marvin the Monkey and he was made in 2011.

I have a photo of him if anyone can help?

Thanks in advance x

daviesleila Wed 05-Feb-14 21:02:02

hi just seen one on ebay 301090408006,is it the same as what you looking for ,post a picture on here it might help ,good luck x

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