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lost - Tesco hugging friends cream floppy teddy

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shinytrousers Sun 10-Mar-13 12:44:25

Help! My daughter has lost her teddy that she's had since she was born. He was quite bedraggled but well loved she was keeping him safe in her coat when walking back from the shop but he disappeared. We have walked the streets and the shop, asked around but he is gone. Have looked on ebay but nothing current - one was sold last month sad
Willing to pay if anyone has one.

MrsPurple Mon 11-Mar-13 02:37:00

Sounds silly but what does he look like? Might assist. My dd has hundreds of teddies soem from tesco on her top bunk, too many so it can be used as bed. If we haveone you can gladly have as i know how my dd would be if she lost her beloved bedraggled 'balamory' better know as miss hooley doll. Have a photo of teddy ?

shinytrousers Mon 11-Mar-13 15:56:42

So funny, so has my daughter but only teddy will do at bedtime. Thanks MrsPurple - I have but how do I attach pictures?

shinytrousers Mon 11-Mar-13 15:59:49

Sorry - worked it out. His body is quite flat - very little stuffing in there!

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