DESPERATELY seeking replacement pink bear blankie

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Quoideneuf Fri 04-Jan-13 07:07:53

OMG...the trauma. Just back from a stay in a hotel abroad where 'Special Ted' was accidentally swept up & taken away with the bedlinen. Despite best efforts & a stellar response from hotel 'Special Ted' is still missing :-(
My daughter is heartbroken (& wierdly, I also feel sad?!!). As a last resort am thinking that I now need to find an exact replacement (& then make grubby to match the real 'Special Ted' (!) and pretend she's been returned by the hotel).
I have a photo of the original missing toy but don't know where to post it. It's a pale pink, satin edged square of velour-like fabric with a teddy's head and arms with a little satin dicky bow. We've had it 7 years (a gift when my daughter was born) and google searches have thrown up similar blankies but not close enough to pass off as the original article.

In the meantime does anyone know where I can find an exact replacement? We are all DESPERATE!! Please help!

rufusnine Mon 07-Jan-13 18:34:58


Quoideneuf Mon 07-Jan-13 16:28:49

Hi Rufusnine
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU so much for your suggestion about where I could find a replacement bear. Fortunately I haven't had to buy another because, ta da ...... the hotel has emailed us to say that they've found 'Special Ted' and that they have posted him back to us. They even sent us a photo just so we could confirm it was her! Honestly, the amount of relief I felt was TOTALLY out of proportion. Both my daughter and I are on cloud nine. I'll take three things away from this whole, sorry, roller coaster of an affair: (i) just how lovely everyone on Mumsnet has been - thank you again, (ii) the fab customer service at our hotel really saved the day and very importantly (iii) NEVER leave your child's 'Special Ted' on or in the bed if you're staying in a hotel!
Thank you again and wishing you a very happy 2013.

rufusnine Fri 04-Jan-13 15:59:12

You've probably seen it but There's one a bit similar on a site called - also I'm assuming there is no maker tag visible but could you maybe ask the person where he/she bought it and then check who their suppliers are. We have a similar problem with a jellycat dog which if lost would cause immense distress but as yet we can't find an exact match anywhere! Good luck!

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