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AllthewaytoReno Sat 30-Jun-12 08:04:00

Hello - DD (9) picked up a bargain last weekend, the Cluedo Mysteries game at a car boot sale.

Unfortunately the 'key' is missing, this lets you decode location keys during the game. We have contacted Hasbro, who tried to source us a key from their stock. Turns out it is discontinued and they have none available.

So - if you have one of these you don't need. Or if you could photocopy one you do use - we would be very grateful.

Cluedo Mysteries is offered on ebay for £5 + £5 postage right now and I am hoping not to have to pay this much!


happyAvocado Sun 01-Jul-12 02:49:04

have look around this site


some games have links to instruction etc

AllthewaytoReno Sat 14-Jul-12 07:08:28

Thanks for this happy - will have a look around the site.

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